Ariel Sport Disc


The Ariel Sport Disc will see you tackling workouts on paved or dirt surfaces with equal confidence, and you’ll look good while doing it.

The Ariel Sport Disc will see you tackling workouts on paved or dirt surfaces with equal confidence, and you’ll look good while doing it. Its hard-working component package is paired with the ever-reliable A1 Aluminum frame, featuring the added peace-of-mind disc brakes provide. With a Women’s Fitness Geometry designed to keep you comfortable while you’re burning up the miles, and features that are as versatile as they are efficient, you’ll find yourself consistently needing to set new goals to achieve in your fitness quest.
  • Designed for women who want to mix adventure with fitness, the hard-working, sturdy A1 Premium Aluminum frame features Women’s Fitness Geometry—meaning you’ll go fast with maximum efficiency, but without the discomfort of an aggressive ride position.
  • The more comfortable you are, the longer you’ll ride.Enjoy greater control over varying terrain thanks to the custom, easy-adjust, Multi-Circuit Damping fork with 63mm of travel, tuned for lighter riders.
  • Tektro Hydraulic Disc brakes provide powerful stopping power in all conditions, while also reducing hand fatigue while braking.


 * *Not all sizes available in all markets
Size XS S M L XL
Stack 588mm 607mm 621mm 635mm 659mm
Reach 380mm 386mm 395mm 406mm 414mm
Head-Tube Length 85mm 105mm 120mm 135mm 160mm
Head-Tube Angle 70° 70° 70° 70° 70°
B-B Height 297mm 297mm 297mm 297mm 297mm
B-B Drop 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm
Trail 89mm 89mm 89mm 89mm 89mm
Fork Length (full) 490mm 490mm 490mm 490mm 490mm
Fork Rake/Offset 38mm 38mm 38mm 38mm 38mm
Front-Center 616mm 629mm 643mm 658mm 675mm
Chain-Stay Length 445mm 445mm 445mm 445mm 445mm
Wheelbase 1054mm 1067mm 1081mm 1097mm 1113mm
Top-Tube Length (horizontal) 560mm 572mm 585mm 600mm 615mm
Bike Stand-Over Height 699.3mm 738mm 771mm 803.7mm 849.4mm
Seat-Tube Length 345mm 395mm 440mm 485mm 550mm
Seat-Tube Angle 73° 73° 73° 73° 73°
Handlebar Width 640mm 640mm 660mm 660mm 660mm
Stem Length 60mm 70mm 70mm 90mm 90mm
Crank Length 165mm 165mm 170mm 170mm 175mm
Seatpost Length 350mm 350mm 350mm 350mm 350mm


By combining hydroformed tube shapes with high-quality aluminum as well as expertly hand-welded construction, our M4 aluminum frames are a seamless blend of performance and durability. Add to that a purpose-built geometry focused on responsive performance and confident handling, and our M4 frames have all the performance you’ll ever need.


By controlling everything from the raw material to extrusion, butting, swaging, and heat treatment of the tubes, we’ve optimized our A1 Premium Aluminum frames for the best balance of ride characteristics. Our proprietary aluminum tubing blends high performance, light weight, and high value to create frames that are light, strong, and corrosion-resistant.


We don’t believe in words like “average” and “value.” Instead, we want every fork to perform how it should, which means that the all-too-common “pogo” effect of entry-level suspension forks is just unacceptable. To prevent this, our Multi-Circuit Damping technology features custom internals that deliver hydraulic damping and rebound control, effectively delivering performance well above its weight class on bumpy and rough terrain.

By creating ergonomic and size-specific components, such as cranks, handlebars, and women’s Body Geometry saddles, female riders can be assured of the most comfort and best fit at every contact point. Fit and performance is completely optimized for the female anatomy. Women’s bikes are spec’d individually and component selection based off frame size, geometry, and fit research, while our saddles have been ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to relieve soft tissue pressure.


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