Superfine Carbon 4-weight 8′ Fly Rod


This 4-weight fly rod is ideal for targeting spooking trout in clear water.



Personalize this rod (allow 5 to 7 days for delivery) (optional) for an additional $45



  • 8′ 4-wt.
  • Unsanded graphite blank with matching graphite wraps
  • Delicate presentation and subtle feel
  • Winding check
  • Full-Flex
  • Modern construction results in added strength and smoother casting
  • Silver snake guides and hardware
  • Uplocking cork and polished silver reel seat
  • Supergrade cork handle
  • Rod tube
  • Backed by our 25-year guarantee

Spring creek fishing means large fish and small water. If your target is DePuy’s in the Paradise Valley, Crane Creek in Missouri, or the Fall River in northern California, stealth is key and there is no room for error. The first presentation is off? Kiss the trout goodbye and move along. For demanding conditions and picky trout, you need a rod that will settle flies gently yet offer enough backbone to get the job done once he decides to eat. The Superfine® Carbon 804-4 is the rod for the job. Manchester, Vermont, USA.

Rod outfit includes:


  • Superfine Carbon 804-4 Fly Rod
  • Battenkill II reel
  • Hydros freshwater line
  • 75 yards of 20lb Dacron backing
  • Rod tube



Learn More about personalizing this fly rod.


Superfine Carbon 4-weight 8' Fly Rod, RH Outfit – includes Battenkill II reel, Hydros freshwater line, LH Outfit -includes Battenkill II reel, Hydros freshwater line


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