Gale Force Sling Pack


Rain or shine, this water resistant sling pack is ready to go.

  • Waterproof
  • Right shoulder only


  • 17″H x 10½”W x 5½”D; 650 cu. in. Weighs 1 lb.

Gale Force packs are designed to handle the worst weather, a dunk in the river, or a trip overboard. These bags are highly weather resistant and very durable, ideal for use where exposure to water is inevitable—such as every time you go fishing. This completely redesigned bag provides the ease of a sling with the weather-beating toughness of Gale Force. Imported.

Fully Loaded Sling Pack:


  • Mini Nipper
  • SS Knotless Leaders 2 pack (1 each, sizes 3,4, and 5)
  • Floatant Combo Pack
  • Mesh Leader Wallet
  • Perfect Drift Strike Indicators
  • Wire Cord Zinger
  • M2 Lock and Load Fly Box
  • SS Tippet Material 40M Spool (sizes 4,5,6
  • 20 Best Selling Trout Patterns
  • Tungsten Putty
  • Micro Scissor Forceps



Gale Force Sling Pack, Fully Loaded


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