HMH Spinner Professional Grade In-line Rotary Tube Vise


The HMH Spinner is already built on the same chassis and standrod system as the HMH Standard and Spartan vises.

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The best dedicated in-line rotary tube vise just got better, again!

The HMH Spinner is already built on the same chassis and standrod system as the HMH Standard and Spartan vises. Now, it has all-stainless steel and brass components for long lasting durability and good looks. And, as an option, we’re offering a removable solid brass flywheel for better control on rotational position of the tube during rotary tying.

Adjustable head angle adds a whole new dimension to tube fly design and tying. Silky smooth disc-drag rotation. We give a hard brushing to the raw stainless steel chassis to yield a lustrous and rugged steelhead grey finish.
The Spinner is still precision machined with exclusive low profile design to give best access to any tube. The Spinner lets you clamp tubes up to 1/8″ o.d. directly in the jaws for an immovable hold. Or, use pins to mount tubes.

The Spinner’s handle is removable for more precise rotary control. Includes two Premium Mandrels and complete instructions. Pedestal or Clamp. Fly Wheel optional.


If you tie flies ranging mostly in size from #16 to 4’s or 6’s, the Omni jaw is perfect for you. Its tapered nose gives you excellent access to the smaller hooks; for larger and longer hooks, the Omni gives you plenty of steel towards the rear of the jaw to get a strong grip. The Omni’s gape will accept 2/0 and some 3/0 or even 4/0 hooks, depending on the degree to which the manufacturer flattens the hook wire at the bend. At the other extreme, if you occasionally tie flies down to 20 or smaller, the Omni is still very good because it’s small nose gives you plenty of access to those hooks for tying.

If you tie a lot of flies #20 or smaller, or if you tie small hooks for extended tying session, then you should seriously consider the Micro jaw. The Micro’s needle nose is perfect for holding small hooks and gives you better access to the tiniest hooks than any other jaw on the market. It is a specialized small hook jaw and will make those tiny midge patterns much easier to tie. Please note: do not use the Micro jaw for hooks larger than #18. The Micro is not designed for larger hooks, and clamping larger hooks in the Micro could ‘spring’ the jaw, and will void the guarantee.

If you tie mostly large patterns, whether for salt or freshwater, or are tying lots of large streamers, deer hair flies, etc., even on hooks as small as 10’s or 12’s, then you should own the Magnum. The serrated Magnum has a huge gape and will accept hooks up to 10/0. At the other end of the scale, it’s slightly rounded profile still makes it easy to access and tie on hooks as small as #10, #12 or even #14 depending on hook style.

Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Info
Structure Type

C-Clamp, Powder Coated Pedestal


Standard, Palm Wheel


  • Infinite Head Angle Adjustment
  • Hardened Tool Steel Jaws
  • Quick Change Jaw Feature
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Chassis
  • Ultra-smooth 360º Rotary Action
  • Smooth Disc Drag Rotary Tension Adjustment
  • Locking Cam Lever
  • Fast, One-Hand Operation
  • Double Spring Material Clip
  • Choice of Powder Coated Sculpted Pedestal Base, or C-Clamp
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Fly-Fisherman Magazine, February 2002
“BEST $100-$200 VISE”  “This traditional-design vise is one of the real deals in contemporary vises.”

Fly Rod and Reel, March 2002
“HMH Spartan-Just the item if you’re a trout fly tier seeking high-end performance at a midrange cost; you perfer simple, functional equipment; quality and value.”

Dec Hogan, Salt Lake City, UT
Author, Steelhead Guide, Casting Instructor
“Just a quick note to tell you how much I love my new HMH Vise. It’s a dream. Thank you.”

Dick Talleur, Manchester, NH
Author, Instructor and production fly tier
“HMH has been my choice of vise for more than 20 years, and continues to be. It’s the ideal combimation of functionality, quality and value.”

Shane Stalcup, Denver, CO
Production Fly Tier
“My original HMH vise is still going strong after nearly 100,000 dozen flies. The craftsmanship, ease of use, and dependability easily make the HMH the hands down best investment I’ve ever made in my fly tying career.”

John Gierach, Colorado
Author, Trout Bum
“A few years ago I bought a used HMH, just because I always wanted one, and now I use that for most of my tying.” (Good Flies)

Tom C., Kersey, PA
“This vise is great. I started tying a year or so ago and had a ‘cheapy’. I saw this vise reviewed and highly rated in a fly fishing/tying magazine article. It convinced me to go with the HMH Spartan. The review was right on the money. The quality and functionality are great.”

Darryl H., West Newton, PA
“I’ve owned an Orvis Edition HMH Spartan for a while now and absolutely love it! I actually own far more expensive vises, but time and time again I always return to my HMH – great vise guys! P.S. Your midge jaws are the finest available”

Time to Tie Some Flies
(From Fish & Fly Magazine, 2nd edition of the Tackle & Travel Annual)

By Dec Hogan

I’ve been seriously into fly tying for close to 30 years and have used the same trusty Regal Vise for 20 of them. I was skeptical to tie on a new vise of a different manufacturer. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Right? Part of my skepticism was correct. At first it was a bit awkward-for about 30 seconds. That’s all the time it took for me to fall in love with my new HMH Standard Vise. Now I’m not going to go into a comparison of the Regal versus the HMH. My Regal served me well with no complaints for many years and thousands of flies. I was so committed to tying with my Regal that trying the HMH felt a bit like adultery. I got over it real quick.

The HMH Standard is one simple and sexy vise. Kind of like a fly reel, it’s so subjective to personal appeal. More important than looks however is how that baby holds hooks in all sizes. The HMH’s smooth cam lever cinches down the locking stainless steel jaws to hold the hook firmly in place. The whole thing is infinitely adjustable with full 360-degree rotation. The jaws are easily changed to facilitate the entire range of available hook sizes. The Micro Jaw will hold a size 28 with ample room to tie on that miniscule hook while the Magnum Jaw tames even the burliest of 6/0 iron. For my steelhead flies in sizes 2/0 to 10 the Omni Jaws are my workhorse.

The Standard Vise retails for $279.00 and comes with one jaw of your choice. If you are interested in tying tube flies, which has become very popular as of late, the standard vise can easily be converted to a tube vise with the HMH Tube Vise Converter ($64.95). Simply remove the jaw and replace it with the converter. HMH offers a wide spectrum of mandrel sizes and all the tube supplies you’ll ever need. If $65 is a little much just to experiment with tubes, HMH also offers a Starter Tube Tool that clamps into any vise that will accept a 2/0 hook. The quality stainless steel with brass fittings tool retails for $24.95.


Since 1975, HMH vises have been giving tyers years of dependable service, longer than any other brand. The original HMH vise revolutionized fly tying vise design and function. It incorporated components precision-machined from the highest quality materials, and included design features never before found together in a fly tying vise, including 360-degree rotation, an exclusive disc drag rotary tension adjustment, and quick-change, hardened, interchangeable jaws. The individually-numbered Limited Edition Premium vise (now a collector’s item) also incorporated an adjustable head angle so any hook could be set at the optimum level and angle.

In 2000, we re-introduced the vise line with some significant improvements. We re-designed the chassis, increasing its length, and tightened up tolerances to give the collet more support. And we built in a permanently lubricated bearing system. The results are very nice — better rotation and better balance for the vise, both physically and esthetically. We also re-designed the Spartan vise so it is more versatile, stronger, and affordable.  HMH vises today still adhere to the same principals of simplicity, elegance, and power in its expanding line of fly tying vises and accessories.

Moving into a related field of fly tying, we were instrumental in furthering the rage in tube flies with our tube fly tool, first introduced ca. 1992. Recently, we’ve introduced the tube converter tool, which converts an HMH vise with interchangeable jaw capability into the sweetest in-line rotary tube vise available. And for 2006, we introduced the Spinner, our first dedicated, in-line rotary tube vise. The Spinner has been updated for 2015.

We think service after the sale is as important as building a quality tool. We enjoy hearing from our customers, and doing whatever we can to help you answer questions or solve problems. Browse the site, ask for our catalog, or send us a note with your questions or comments. We’ll do our very best to help you out, and to make sure you end up with a vise that you will be proud to tie on for years to come.


Thank you for your interest in HMH fly tying vises. We believe that you won’t find a better combination of careful design and performance features, top quality materials, precision machining, versatility, and great looks.

And if you’re into tube flies, look no further. HMH Vises is the leader in tube fly vises and tools, tubes and accessories.


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Suite 15-219
Biddeford, ME 04005
Phone: 207-729-5200
Fax: 207-729-5292


Your HMH vise and/or jaw is guaranteed for life against defects in materials or workmanship, whether or not you are the original owner. This warranty does not cover loss, theft, or physical or cosmetic damage due to misuse, negligence, improper maintenance, or modification. There is no guarantee, explicit or implied, for other HMH products.

Register your Vise Online

Follow These Instructions to Obtain Service for Your Vise

If your vise is damaged, or you feel it is not working as well as it should (a sure sign that something isn’t normal), then return the vise, with all parts except your pedestal base (unless there is something wrong with your base) to HMH along with a letter explaining the problem, all your contact information, and a check for $35 to cover handling and return shipping.

We recommend that you use a shipper that can reliably track your package since we will not be responsible for loss or damage that happens during shipping. For this reason, pack your vise carefully so all parts are secure and well padded.

We will repair or replace parts as necessary and at our option. We will not replace parts with cosmetic damage unless you tell us to do so; such parts will be replaced at cost. If additional labor is required or if non-warranty replacement is necessary, we will contact you to discuss and resolve any additional charges for non-warranty work.


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