Troubleshooting Guide

Adjusting knob may be too far back towards lever. Check collet funnel for signs of wear. Lubricate jaw shoulders.

Ensure delrin washers are properly seated; ream inside diameter of back pair of washers to prevent binding with collet threads.

Cam lever or adjusting knob are either corroded or worn. Scotch-brite and lubricate or replace.

Ensure locking ring setscrew is tight; or that the nylon tip has not been worn off.

Inspect cam lever and adjusting knob bearing surfaces; clean and lubricate. Ensure cam lever is fully and properly engaged. Ensure hook properly placed in jaw. Jaw may be splayed or edges worn – replace if necessary.

Make sure the cam lever is positioned properly. The cam portion of the cam lever must be riding against the adjusting knob for the vise to work properly. The “HMH” stamp on the cam lever needs to be right side up and visible at all times (for right-handed tyers this would mean that as you’re facing the vise the curve of the cam would resemble a backwards “c” shape). This will insure proper orientation of the cam lever.

Ensure jaw seated completely on drawbar threads and is snugged up tight on o-ring. Jaw shoulder and/or collet funnel may be uneven – try scotch-brite or call 1-800-335-9057.

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