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A. Tube Flies have real advantages over conventional flies:

  • Pattern size and style aren’t dependent on hook size or style.
  • Hook can be placed further back in the pattern resulting in more hook ups.
  • Many tube choices – including weight, color, size, shape and length options.
  • Less hook leverage with shorter shank tube hook when fighting fish resulting in more landed fish.
  • Fly slides up leader and away from sharp teeth during fight.
  • If hook breaks or dulls simply replace it.
  • Many hook choices including treble, double and single.
  • Change easily from barbed or barbless.
  • Can use non stainless hooks in saltwater.
  • Incorporate cones and beads to add and adjust weight of flies.
  • Tie convertible flies – mix and match tailing material

A. Every HMH vise except the Spinner, which is a dedicated tube fly vise, has the interchangeable jaw feature. 
Please follow this link to learn more about HMH jaws

A. Changing jaws is simple and requires no tools. The jaw is threaded at the rear, and screws on to the drawbar inside the collet.

To remove the jaw, release any pressure on the cam lever. Hold the cam lever with one hand, grasp the jaw with the other and simply unscrew the jaw and remove it from the collet.

To reinstall the same or a different jaw, first screw the stainless adjusting knob all the way towards the brass locking ring. Insert the threaded end of the jaw into the collet sleeve and screw it in by hand. Hand-tighten the jaw as much as you are able until the jaw gape is oriented vertically. If the jaw tightens up slightly past vertical, merely back it off so the gape is vertical.

A. All HMH products are guaranteed for life. It’s rare to have an issue with an HMH product. However, if you encounter a problem of any kind we’re here to help. Just give us a call on our toll free number (1-800-335-9057) and we’ll be sure to find a solution.

A. If you have no tools or tubes, and are just deciding to try tube flies, then you should buy the Complete Tube Method Kit.  This kit includes the starter tool (that fits any vise), plenty of all our different types of tubes, some cones for weight, and most importantly, an instructional DVD that will teach you step by step how to choose tubes, prepare tubes, mount tunes, and tie tubes.  The DVD also includes tutorials for 6 different types of flies to get you going.

If you already have a tube vise or tool but want advice and counsel, then order the Tube Method DVD only.

The HMH Starter and Premium Tube Tools will fit any existing vise and is a great inexpensive way to get started tying on tubes. HMH also offers a Tube Vise Converter which screws into our Spartan and Standard vises. Simply unscrew the conventional jaw, replace it with the Tube Vise Converter, tilt the adjustable head to horizontal and you’re ready to tying tube flies on the finest full rotary tube vise available. Please follow this link to learn more about HMH Tube Tools.

You’ll also need some tubes. We have an extensive selection of tubes available to fit any fly pattern and all angling conditions. Please follow this link to see our entire range of tubes.

A. When the cam lever is locked into position (as when holding a hook), the vise head can be rotated 360 degrees in either direction by twirling the cam lever with your finger. Use the brass locking ring to adjust how freely the vise will rotate

A. The fine, custom threads on the collet and adjusting knob make it easy to execute very quick and precise adjustments to achieve the optimum hold when changing among hooks of different diameter.

While holding the selected hook between the two tangs of the jaw, using 2 or 3 fingers of the other hand, hold the cam lever at about a 45-degree angle relative to the collet (curl your fingers over the top, around the back, then under, to cradle the cam lever). With the thumb and fore finger of that hand, screw the adjusting knob back until it touches the cam lever right at the “break” between the flat and rounded portion of the cam.

The adjusting knob is properly positioned for a given hook diameter when the jaw just begins to grip the hook when you lightly depress the cam lever past the break. Continue to depress the cam lever using the heel of your hand all the way so the flat section is flush with the adjusting knob and locks into position.

When properly adjusted, you will be able to depress the cam lever without excessive effort, and the cam will be perpendicular to the collet with the flat of the cam bearing fully against the adjusting knob.

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